Avoid wearing your jewellery when gardening, playing sports or cleaning. Try to keep pieces separate so they don't rub together when not being worn to avoid scratching. Never swim with your jewellery on, chlorine and salt can tarnish even precious metals. Please be aware some moisturisers, tanning products, perfume and hairspray can also discolour jewellery. Avoid placing excess strain on chains, neckpieces and bracelets.

Cleaning sterling silver jewellery

To maintain the shine and finish of your jewellery: wipe gently with a soft silver cleaning cloth. These cloths can be purchased from department stores and are impregnated with cleaning compound to maintain the shine of your piece.

Maintaining your brushed satin matte finish

If your silver jewellery has a brushed satin matte look, you can maintain it easily yourself by taking a fine scouring pad (from under your sink or at your local store) and run it under the tap to make it moist. Then rub your jewellery in a single direction with the scourer; take care not to rub parts of the jewellery without the brushed finish. Rinse clean and let dry naturally. This method will also remove any discolouring or shallow scratches.

Maintaining your oxidised silver finish

An oxidised silver finish is delicate, and designed to fade over time. To prolong the finish do not use silver cleaning agents on the finish. Try warm water and a drop of dishwashing liquid, then buff very gently with a cloth, if needed.

Maintaining your anodised titanium

To clean anodised titanium, rub gently with a soft cloth. Do not use silver or metal polish, as it will damage the colour.


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