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Deanna Gracie

Deanna Gracie creates her unique jewellery collection under her own label in Southshore, Christchurch. It is the natural environment that she finds so exciting and creatively inspiring. Daily walks around the beach and estuary near her home studio provide endless inspiration. Her studio set amongst the trees in her garden is where exquisite, small objects of art are coaxed into being and then purchased by modern jewellery lovers and sent around the world to adorn the lives of many.

Deanna has been designing and creating jewellery for the past twenty years. Each custom designed piece is painstakingly created by hand and it is the heart and soul and hard work she puts into each piece that sets her jewellery apart and makes it so unique. The culmination of skills, flair for design and having an innate understanding of working with clients results in the creation of fine jewellery with an emphasis on quality and personal service.

Favourite techniques include intricate saw piercing, the layering of contrasting metals to create a 3D effect and combining interesting texture and colour to her pieces. Vibrant colours include the use of anodised titanium and gorgeous semi precious gemstones. Solid sterling silver is her favourite metal. For instance, her koru ring design range consists of red or yellow gold bonded together on top of solid sterling to form stunning, organic rings that are ideally suited as tokens of love for this modern age.

“I embrace the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, in which small imperfection is seen as one of the highest forms of beauty. This also emphasises the handmade nature of the jewellery I create.”

Always innovative, her work continues to develop and evolve.
Whether it is fun and quirky, cool and contemporary, or just plain awesome, you won’t regret choosing something for yourself or for your loved one.


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Claire, Auckland, New Zealand
Thanks so much, it is so comfy and sooooooooo beautiful - even much better than the photo. You are a...

Julie, America
Hi, Deanna: The extraordinary bracelet has arrived. And it's perfectly named. I love the contrast of...

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