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Round textured ancient koru brooch/pendant - bespoke

Size: 37mm x 37mm

Made from my heart and by my hand in sterling silver - this piece can either hang from a sterling silver chain (not pictured) or can be worn as a brooch. The chain slips through a loop on the back of the piece. It comes with a sterling silver chain. This piece is a one off and will never be repeated.

Inspiration: Koru, Ancient

The “Ancient land” series eventuated after visiting the limestone cliffs at Takiroa in North Otago. I was amazed at the beautiful lace like textures nature had created within the limestone and I felt very privileged to view the remaining protected Maori rock art drawings that remain there. In this silent, otherworldly landscape I imagined myself back in time, the pictures drawn on rock became language and from these beginnings a culture began to form and grow.  

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