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Friday 14 July, 2017

There is still some snow around here today in Westmelton, though not as much as yesterday - it is icy cold now, the slush has turned to ice. I've taken a photo looking out to the back garden but only as far as the fish pond which is close to the west side of the house. My studio inside is lovely and warm : - )

That is ice in the second image - the fish pond is huge so that is how cold it is outside! Keep warm : - )

Monday 03 July, 2017

We have recently moved house (and studio) from Southshore to the lovely village of Westmelton. Westmelton in the Selwyn District is only 30 minutes drive from central Christchurch. It's awesome being closer to the mountains and we have a wonderful view of them from our living area now. Studio visits are still available by appointment. You are more than welcome to contact me to arrange a suitable time to view or try on my jewellery designs. I look forward to welcoming both new and existing clients. Deanna Gracie

Sunday 22 December, 2013

Dear Friends and Clients, thanks so very much for your support over the past year. 

Merry Christmas and Aroha, Deanna X

Tuesday 08 May, 2012

This Pendant commission with a gorgeous blue moonstone is now "flying" across the world to it's new owner in Switzerland. Pendants for sale here.

Tuesday 10 April, 2012

This bracelet I designed for some clients recently feels very fluid to wear and sits lightly on the wrist even though it's made from solid silver and heat coloured copper. I felt very proud to hand this one over to my happy clients. Deanna Gracie ©

Tuesday 10 April, 2012

I've just finished this large koru pendant for a client. She wanted a statement piece and this pendant is simple but striking!

Friday 03 February, 2012
Tuesday 31 January, 2012

I noticed this beautiful shadow effect on the wall this morning Xx

Tuesday 31 January, 2012

Making jewellery entirely by hand from scratch is very labour intensive however you can always tell the difference when you feel the weight and softness of the finished piece. I wouldn't do it any other way xx

Wednesday 25 January, 2012

Made by hand in sterling silver and red gold.

Saturday 03 December, 2011

Postcards for sale! 

They are printed on good quality card and measure 148mm x 105mm, with five different cards in each pack and cost NZ$15 + postage I’m able to send them anywhere in the world – email me if you would like to order some. 

Thursday 17 November, 2011

Three floors of shopping, entertainment, music and stalls showcasing their arts, crafts, gifts, and Christmas goodies. I’ll be at Stall number C12 on the second floor.  See you there! Xx Deanna 

Thursday 17 November, 2011

Come and experience the atmosphere, colour and excitement of a country fete just a short drive from the city this Saturday. I'll be in the marquee....See you there! Xx Deanna

Thursday 17 November, 2011

I created this evocative Heart pendant and the first time someone saw it, it was sold : - ) Xx Deanna

Thursday 17 November, 2011

This solid silver hand made feather cuff has now flown over to it's new owner, a beautiful young woman in Belgium. I collected a feather which I used to imprint the delicate lines onto the silver from the beach here in Southshore.  Xx Deanna

Thursday 17 November, 2011

Creating bespoke designed rings goes a bit like this. You look at my original designs and decide what you like about them...ask a few questions...we discuss possibilities...I give you a timeframe and quote the price, then  I create magic. Xx

Sunday 06 November, 2011

Manderley! It's my last day at this fabulous garden festival tomorrow, Sunday 6th November - come and visit me in the woolshed at Manderley, Little River. 

Thursday 03 November, 2011

I'm packing up my jewellery and heading to the fabulous Manderley Home and Garden Festival this weekend. Manderley is open to the public on the 5th and 6th November between 10am – 4pm, both days. You will find my display of beautiful hand made jewellery at Site number 10 in the Woolshed.  

Thursday 03 November, 2011

I'm heading down very early tomorrow morning, Thursday 3rd November to the beautiful town of Geraldine for the Geraldine Summer Fete at Stover Farm, State Highway 79, Geraldine. The fete runs from 10am – 4pm. You’ll find me and and my very finest of hand made jewellery in the marquee.  See you there - Deanna X

Tuesday 18 October, 2011

Here are some ring commissions I have created for clients. Each ring was offered and accepted as a token of their love. Check out more ring designs here.

Friday 14 October, 2011

A lovely write up in the Christchurch Press yesterday about exhibiting at Art in a Garden soon. Read more about the exhibition here

Monday 10 October, 2011

Unfurl will have their beautiful jewellery for sale at the Culverden Christmas Country Fete! Come and celebrate the fete's 20th anniversary on Thursday 27th October between 10am – 4pm and treat yourselves to a little designer happiness at the end of winter.  See you there at stall A71! 

Deanna X

Sunday 18 September, 2011

I'm having a great time at the Women's Lifestyle expo! Last day tomorrow! 

Thursday 15 September, 2011

You'll find me this weekend between 10am – 5pm on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th September at the Women's Lifestyle Expo, CSB Arena off Jack Hinton Drive, Christchurch. 

I'll be in the New Zealand Handcrafts section at booth C1. 

I'll look forward to seeing you - Deanna X

Thursday 15 September, 2011

The jewellery show is now over but you can still check out the jewels on my website where I have beautiful pieces available for sale.  Click here for more beautiful, designer jewellery

Thursday 08 September, 2011

I have cleared the decks of all commission orders and  these rings are on their way to their new owners. 

Now I am on my way to Wellington to the NZ Jewellery Show where I will be able to give you all my undivided attention. See you at the Show! 

Click here to see more gorgeous handmade rings

Deanna X

Thursday 08 September, 2011

I just had to capture this colourful shadow effect on the wall in my studio. 

Beauty is everywhere – you just have to look. 

Wednesday 17 August, 2011

FishHead Magazine August/September 2011issue 

The New Zealand Jewellery Show

Drifting Pendant

Monday 01 August, 2011

A visual feast of hand made jewellery!

Saturday 30 July, 2011

Take Flight - all about birds and what do I spy with my little eye - my 

"Over Land and Sea Cuff #2"

Saturday 30 July, 2011

Caught on camera at the Hands Up - Red to the Black expo in Wellington at the start of July.

Tuesday 26 July, 2011

Woke up to a winter wonderland this morning, the studio light beckons but it's going to have to warm up a bit before I venture out : - )

Monday 25 July, 2011

These two hand made pendants from my ancient New Zealand collection and are inspired by the beautiful braided rivers that thread their way through the Canterbury Plains.

Monday 25 July, 2011

I solder different metals to create a different "scene" from nature for each bracelet. Some "scenes" are quite representational and some more imagined. A Carpenters song inspires the smallest bracelet and I've named it "Extraordinary Interplanetary Bracelet". It's fun to imagine what textures and colours you'd see if you were floating far above the world.....

Monday 25 July, 2011

This solid, handmade Aotearoa/Aroha cuff is a celebration of New Zealand. I created the cuff in two layers of sterling silver and copper and then added a beautiful amethyst.

Monday 25 July, 2011

A couple of years ago a traveller called by to show me his selection of ancient glass beads from Afghanistan. I loved the subtle colours, the slight imperfections, the matt finish and the 'ancient' feel of them so I created some gorgeous necklaces.

Saturday 23 July, 2011
A while ago I had a big clean out of my studio, repainted the walls and installed a gorgeous new display cabinet.
Saturday 02 July, 2011
Image as pictured "Waiting For Migration Pendant" by Deanna Gracie©

I would like to invite you to visit my new exhibition LAND AND SEA now showing online. Land and Sea celebrates the ever-changing beauty of my natural surroundings.
Saturday 02 July, 2011
This handmade landscape ring is now winging it's way to a lovely lady in Australia. The brief was to design and create a ring that incorporated the ocean...
Saturday 02 July, 2011
I will be at the Red to the Black expo in Wellington at the TSB Bank arena over the weekend of July 2nd and 3rd. My Stand number is 48.
Wednesday 29 June, 2011
I will be at the Red to the Black expo in Wellington at the TSB Bank arena over the weekend of July 2nd and 3rd 2011.

My Stand number is 48. More than 80 extraordinary Christchurch businesses will be there for this unique retail experience and every dollar spent goes back into helping rebuild Christchurch businesses...
Tuesday 28 June, 2011
By definition, a luxury is the opposite of a necessity.

If that's the case... why then was jewellery apparently one of the first things made?

There are a number of explanations;

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